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"How do you build trust in tech in a trustless society?"


 - Cortnie Abercrombie

What You Don't Know: AI's Unseen Influence in Your Life and How to Take Back Control

A Big Tech exec pulls back the curtain on the unseen forces at work labeling you, tracking you, and triggering you—deciding your employability, quality of life, and even whether you should live or die—because what you don’t know about them could actually hurt you.



Artificial Intelligence is going to be amazing...once we can fully trust the products.

I worked at one of the oldest and biggest AI companies on the planet. My work developing custom AI solutions with top executives and teams of product designers and data scientists in the Fortune 500 gave me unique perspectives on ways organizations could develop AI that can be trusted. 


Much of it starts with changing existing beliefs and behaviors and then developing a plan for change and results.



Woman Checking Data on Tablet
Data Leaders

Trusted data is the backbone of trusted AI. Data Leaders need to provide ethical and responsible data strategies, operations, practices for teams working on AI in their organizations.

Marketing team meeting
Business Leaders 

Business leaders fund and oversee development of AI projects. They must ensure successful release of AI products by surfacing and mitigating issues that lead to negative outcomes.

Product Creators

Build less biased, more inclusive ML/AI products that work toward the betterment of individuals and society.

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