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​May 2021


May 19, 9AM & 12PM CDT

MIT Chief Data Officer Information Quality Symposium


May 5, 4:30PM CDT

Carnegie Mellon University, AI in Medicine Seminar Series

  • Ethics in AI and Medicine: 
    In a crowded hospital in the middle of a crisis, a little red or green light at the end of each hospital bed indicates which patients can survive waiting longer for treatments and which can’t, sparing life-saving minutes by staff who would otherwise have to read each patient chart. But, who or what will determine if the light is red or green? What info must go into determining this and where will it come from? What kinds of people must be involved in determining the criteria? 
    I start with this scenario in an upcoming Carnegie Mellon University #AI in #Healthcare Seminar Series to challenge student's thinking about approaches to problem-solving and the impact of their interventions from all angles. I'll discuss the scenario from the lens of patients, doctors, #bioethicists, #analysts, and #datascientists. Can't wait! 

  • Producers: CMU's Jason D'Antonio and Ernst & Young's Yousef Hashimi

April 2021

April 20, 10:45AM-12PM CDT

American Bar Association Spring Meeting 2021

  • AI Ethics for Business Litigators: lawful and ethical considerations in the world of data

  • Hosted by: Brad Newman of Baker McKenzie with panelists Seymour Duncker of and Adam Aft of Baker McKenzie

April 7, 4:00PM CDT 

Women in AI: Building Ethical Applied AI & Hackathon


March 2021 

March 9, 11AM CDT

Inside AI and Ethics: Bias, Governance, and Operations

  • AI ethics lacks benchmarks and consensus. That is the exact quote from Stanford University's Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence group's Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2021. We discuss what's needed to reduce bias, govern AI and scale it through sound operations practices.

  • Hosted by Ramesh Dontha, with panelists:  Fiona Browne of Datactics, and Fion Lee-Madan of Fairly AI

  • Replay of Video Webinar Here

February 2021

Data Transformers Podcast

Helping Businesses Responsibly Implement AI

Businesses need to evaluate AI strategy as a key element of corporate strategy and not as a separate strategy. Example, if diversity and inclusion is a core strategy, those values should be part of AI strategy too. Cortnie Abercrombie, CEO & Founder of AI Truth, worked with many businesses as part of IBM’s Digital Transformation team. Cortnie advocates that businesses need to start with a goal. Is this a goal we need to pursue AI for this goal? Could we pull the use case in a way that does more good? She also warns businesses that AI models are not just set and forgotten. They need to properly documented so they can be explained and maintained.

Replay and Transcript Here


February 9

Data Futurology, Advancing AI Series, Hosted By Felipe Flores

Making AI Responsible & Getting ROI from AI Investment

Cortnie covers why execs need to have an AI ethics plan and how to build your responsible AI strategy so that your AI is explainable, and crucially, trustworthy.


February 25

American Bar Association, AI Today Podcast: AI Hiring Tools

In this episode, host Bradford Newman speaks with Cortnie Abercrombie about AI hiring tools, including regulatory scrutiny, the need for transparency, avoiding implicit bias, and business concerns corporations should address. 

Replay Here

Previous Events

  • New York University Innovation Class, October 2020

  • Global Top 100 Innovators of Data and Analytics Panel, September 2020

  • Hypergiant AI Ethics Regulation & Policy, September 2020

  • MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium, August 2020

  • Harvard Law Association of NY, August 2020

  • Bold Summit for Study Abroad University Administrators, July 2020

  • Center of Excellence for Digital Ethics at Dallas Baptist University, July 2020

  • International Society of Chief Data Officers Webinar, May 2020

  • SXSW (South by Southwest), Austin, March 2020 – 3 panels (pre-cancel)

  • Forrester Data Strategy & Insights Symposium, Austin, TX, November 2019

  • Machine Learning Guild at Cardinal Health, Dublin, OH, October 2019

  • Dallas Baptist University, Risk Management, Guest Speaker, September 2019

  • MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium, Boston, MA, August 2019

  • International Society of Chief Data Officers Webinar, July 2019

  • University of Maryland, Big Data and Analytics EdCon, Washington, DC, June 2019

  • Microsoft Responsible Innovation Symposium, May 2019   

  • Data Science Portugal Association - Insight Event, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2018

  • Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) Dallas, TX, September 2018
    (speech became part of Continuing Education Units)

  • SCCE - Senior Vice President Roundtable, Dallas, TX, September 2018

  • AT&T Compliance & Ethics Roundtable, Dallas, TX, March 2018

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